Improve your sense of happiness, fulfilment and confidence.

Moving forward and making changes is never easy. If you would like clarity, to feel more in control, focus on your priority, have a vision for the future and become more motivated then coaching may be right the right approach for you.

If you would like to have a free clarity call to discuss if I could be of service to you and help you to find your way forward please contact Norma on 07407512586. 

Coaching packages range from a one hour clarity session, if you want to clear your thoughts and see a way forward, to three months or more if you require a deeper level of coaching. 

Coaching packages can also include NLP techniques if required, Reiki or other services (including long walks and coffee if that what you need)

After your initial free clarity consultation you can decide whether you would like your coaching to take place over Zoom, Whatsapp or phone. We will book ahead at times that suit you.